Fit-Box (Sample) 3 Day
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Fit-Box (Sample) 3 Day

Fit-Box (Sample) 3 Day



Tasty Healthy Food Delivered to your door

Sample Fit-Box €40 (3 Days)

Try out our Fitfood meals and service before committing to a full meal plan. This Introductory bundle includes: 9 meals and 9 snacks (Lunch, Dinner and Fit Food Treat) all chosen from our fitfood chefs.

These include delicious meals such as protein pancakes, healthy chicken fillet rolls, curries, burgers, wraps,  and much more - because a happy meal plan is a sustainable meal plan. 

Selection of meals that will be specially chosen from our chefs:

  • Caulifower Pizza
  • Sweet Potato Sheppards Pie
  • Steak Burger & Chips
  • Coconut Chicken & Courgette noodles
  • Roast Chicken & veg
  • Chicken Keiv & Veg
  • Taco mince friesb
  • Beef Stir-fry 
  • Singapore chicken & Courgette Noodles

Cooking Directions:

Using a mircowave heat food until piping hot, make sure food is hot throughout before comsuming.

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