Fit Food Ireland - Healthy Meal Delivery Service
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FitFood Ireland is an affordable healthy meal delivery service. Our market research found that most people find it difficult to source healthy meals  or have no time to prepare healthy meals before the working day starts. Our FitFood chef will prepare breakfast, lunches and dinners, while our pastry chef prepare sweet treats to help you with them nasty sugar cravings.

FitFood will deliver your meals to you and take the hassle out of sourcing healthy meals during your busy week and we will do it at prices to suit your budget.

All our meals are cooked on the day of initial order, meals ordered Monday to Thursday will be delivered on Friday.

Meals ordered Friday - Tuesday you will delivered on Wednesday (the following week). All FitFood meals will be delivered ready for you to heat and eat. In order to keep your meals as fresh as possible we suggest you store your first two days meals in the fridge and keep the rest stored in the freezer and take them out as you need them. Meals should be defrosted for at least 24 hours before they are consumed.

FitFood also caters lunches for Corporate Companies with delivery made on a Monday.