12 Week Weight Loss Challenge - Fit Food Ireland
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12 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Sick of dieting, counting calories?

Let us prepare your meals and make sure you achieve success

Join our 12 week weight loss challenge.


Take 30 seconds to purchase your first week of your 90 day nutrition program. You can choose to go for either the full pack, which is all of your meals, or the half pack which is either your lunch and dinner but not breakfast or vice versa.


Once you have purchased the pack, we will then get in contact to design your personalised plan. The Fit food chefs will weigh and cook your food which is delivered to your door step for 12 weeks. Costing you €120 per week for your entire nutritional plan including 21 meals 21 snacks.


After you've successfully completed the 12 week weight loss challenge your maintenance program begins. You will receive recipes and ingredients to cook. The cost of the weekly maintenance pack is reduced down to €100 per week.