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Top 4 Tips for Getting back your Pre-pregnancy figure!

Celebrity births are big news but have you ever noticed how quickly after the birth those actresses and musicians seem to be back into their skinny jeans? They make it look effortless, but the reality for most of us is a busy household, a new baby to look after and sleepless nights. Small wonder that with this combination of factors, the average postpartum woman doesn't look quite the same shape as her more famous counterparts.

There is no doubt about it: banishing that baby belly is hard work, but it is not unachievable given gentle exercise and a healthy eating plan. Exercise routines after pregnancy should build up gradually after the birth, starting with pelvic floor exercises and gentle tummy work, but always listen to your body and do what feels right for you. The realities of new parenthood may make you feel out of control of your food consumption. Babies often do not allow time for healthy cooking. Here are a few tips that will help you with healthy post-pregnancy eating

1. Food Shop online

When your baby is with you at the supermarket it can be hard to concentrate on buying healthy ingredients. Consider shopping online so that you can pick a time when all is calm and you feel in control. Companies like tesco and supervalu give you options to buy your ingredients at the comfort of your own home.

2. Plan a weekly menu

Deciding what to cook can be harder than cooking it. Avoid daily dilemmas by writing a weekly menu. This will also make it easier for other people to help you with meal preparation.

3. Low Intensity Exercise

Research has shown that you can even get more results by training in a group than going alone. Low intensity exercise such as dance classes or fitness classes is a great way to get back gradually to that pre-pregnancy figure. You can have fun, learn a new skill and socialise with adult company. Sometimes doing something for yourself can be quite rewarding not just physically but also mentally. Not only will you be getting out and about, group exercise is one of the most motivating ways to exercise. You will have the encouragement and motivation from the instructor as well as being part of a group keeps you going. 

4. Use a healthy meal delivery service

Cooking can seem like very hard work with a new baby. By organising a meal delivery service for your first few weeks after giving birth, you will save some unnecessary work and kick-start your healthy eating plan. Some people might think that meal delivery services are beyond their budget, but there are affordable options available. If you are considering a healthy meal delivery plan and would like advice or information, contact us at Fit Food today to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, if you are looking to lose weight after your pregnancy, we have designed a post pregnancy meal plan that can be delivered straight to the comfort of your own home! Making life that little bit easier, when trying to lose weight post pregnancy.

And remember, don't rush to get your pre-pregnancy figure back: with gentle exercise and the right eating plan, you will soon notice a difference.

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