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How to get back into shape after Christmas

It's a bit early to think about how to get back into shape after christmas. But we all know the super food binge is on the way. The important thing to do is not stress about christmas eating but have a plan for the overindulgence of Christmas afterwards. However, if you would like to give yourself a head start to lose some excess weight, it needn't be a chore. Here are a few ways to help you get back into shape:

1. Keep focused don't give up

When you have eaten too much over Christmas, it is really difficult to turn to healthier foods that don’t give you as much satisfaction as junk food. One way to stay focused on your weight loss diet plan is to think about your meals in advance so that you stick to three meal times instead of snacking. Try to turn your attention to foods that are comforting, filling and tasty yet healthy so you won’t feel as though you are working too hard to cut back on food you enjoy. Soups, low-fat casseroles and yoghurts are all options. But the choice is limitless so go ahead and try something new.

2. Note down your goals

If you aim to lose a specific amount of weight over a period of time, log it down in a notebook or dieting app so that you have a goal to aim for. Now look at realistic ways to cut your calories and up your exercise to achieve this. If you do feel as though you need to change any goals, you can always do so to get more motivation. Don't push yourself too hard, but strive for realistic end points. Put aside a 20-minute window per day to do some exercise and try to walk instead of reaching for the car keys - that way you should reach your final goal quicker.

3. Keep a schedule and stick to it.

Want to ensure you eat more healthy meals but finding it hard? Fit Food is the dieting plan for busy people, therefore you don't need to spend time preparing and cooking meals from scratch. The meals are all prepared for you with the correct amount of calories. Schedule your meals within your busy day to ensure that you are eating correctly and don’t miss meal times. The great thing about Fit Food is that meals are delivered straight to your door, so there is no need to go out food shopping unnecessarily when you just haven't got the time.


If you would like any further information on healthy meal delivery with Fit Food, contact us today. We can also provide extra guidance on post-pregnancy meal plans and muscle building meal plans too.

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