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How to eat well at Christmas

Christmas can be a very tricky time for those us who want to eat healthily. Traditionally the season of excess, it's hard to keep up with health and fitness habits - that applies to the calories too, and with so many parties, works dos and festive catch ups cropping up in the calendar, it can be tricky to keep an eye on what you’re eating.

Now, nobody wants to be seen to be a party pooper, standing in the corner with a glass of water and a stick of celery, so of course do allow yourself the occasional treat, but with a bit of thought you can be careful and creative with your Christmas cuisine - all at the same time!

Embrace the festive food

What to drink can be a particularly tricky one. Avoiding alcohol isn’t really a problem in these days of drink driving awareness and designated drivers, but the issue can be that so many soft drinks are very high in sugars, and the diet options high in sweeteners. Water is your friend, but also consider green or mint teas, cranberry juice and the old favourite orange juice (although this can be high in sugar, too!)

Stock up on Healthy Snacks

Snacks are also a problem and difficult to avoid when going out for drinks. Crisps are obviously not the answer, but many places now offer deli boards which, if chosen carefully, can be perfect for the health-conscious – best to avoid the cheese specialities though! If you are catering at home, then crudites are an oldie but a goodie, and are delicious served with natural yoghurt or hummus. Fruit makes a tasty dessert option too, and you can always go retro and serve pineapples on sticks!

The real sticking point – no pun intended – is when it comes to little treats – and Christmas can often be the 12 days of eating. Boxes of chocolates, mince pies, cakes and sweets, a little tipple after dinner – the list is endless. And perhaps in the spirit of Christmas the best technique to go for here is not total denial but to indulge occasionally, rather than regularly. Instead you could try stock up of Fit Food's healthy treats or your favourite healthy treat (not necessarily sprouts!) and have a stash ready for when the urge strikes, and then you won’t feel that you’re missing out or spoiling the festive mood!

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